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Whats Up 2015-11-18

Once again im a bit late with this update but soon it will change again for the better. To make up for it im going to post the promiset predator tutorial in a few days.

Whats Up 2015-10-11

TAU are back in action. With new codex and local tournament around the corner i felt energy surge to get my blue guys out of the box and finish some of the stuff ive started previously.

Whats Up 2015-11-03

Sorry for missing last two updates but im having a hard time adjusting to living both in Brussels and Warsaw at the same time. Hopefully things will get better. For the moment just a few short points.

Lord of the Ice Garden – review

Few weekends ago ive managed to play my first game of „Lord of the Ice Garden”, strategic fantasy game based on a series of very popular books of polish author Jacek Grzędowicz. Here is a short review of this experience.