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Painting Tyranids

Ive painted my first Tyranid model in years. Here is the colour scheme ive used.

Bakka 3 Campaign – Stop the Ritual

Final clash to stop the ritual is over. Here is the summary of last game and the whole campaign.

Bakka 3 campaign – desert chase

Fight between Death Guard and Great Burrower cult continues as we get closer to campaign finally.

Back to Hobby

Im back. Its been tiring five months but i feel its finally time to get back to gaming.

Bakka 3 – Dropsite Massacre

Time to get back to the campaign. Last time nurgle forces managed to destroy the engines of the cargo ship. It went crashing down to the planet surface. Will there be any survivors? What else awaits them there?

Munitorum Tape Mesure – painted

Servo Skull measure tape with LASERS! Thats right. Ive finally customised and painted those old things.

Bakka 3 – failed escape

We thought we got away from it all.

Bakka 3

This is a living post for narrative behind my recent 40k and Kill Team games.

The Offworlders

Stranded on one of the most dangerous worlds in the imperium. Group of space-faring smugglers look for profit and oportunities.

Cult of the Great Burrower

Ive recently finished my first genestealer cult minis from Overkill game.