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Industrial Bases

Quick tutorial for painting industrial bases and similiar metal elements.


Its been quite a while since my last post. I didnt had much time that i could commit to blogging activities this couple of years and i still dont have it, but as you can see i havent shut the … Czytaj dalej

Zombicide – rest of Kickstarter arrived finally

It was a very long wait but finally i got rest of the Kickstarter stuff for Zombicide.

Undead Legions – Kemmler

The mighty Lichemaster have joined the ranks of my undead legions.

Undead Legions – WIP

Its about time to start a new WIP article. Im painting a lot of undead reacently so new posts will hopefully be added regularly here, but also i want to show some of my older models with newer photos. To … Czytaj dalej

Whats Up 2016-05-02

Yes i know, its been a while since ive posted anything. Too many other stuff on my mind so updating blog got a low priority. I was however still painting some stuff in the free time, mostly undead and here … Czytaj dalej

Painting Zombicide

As promised here is a short article about painting Zombicide stuff.

Whats Up 2016-03-15

Zombies, more zombies and some blood angels free-hand fun.

Zombicide: Black Plague

Did you ever think that games like Diablo would work really well for the tabletop? Yes im talking about monster hunting, hack n’ slashing, experience gaining and loot grabbing kind of game with cool looking characters and a grim setting. Add … Czytaj dalej

Whats Up 2016-01-07

Riding on the wave of Star Wars excitement ive played my first x-wing game this week. It was great.