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Cult of the Great Burrower

Ive recently finished my first genestealer cult minis from Overkill game.

Industrial Bases

Quick tutorial for painting industrial bases and similiar metal elements.

Painting Zombicide

As promised here is a short article about painting Zombicide stuff.

Swamp Bases

Someone asked me how ive made those swamp bases for my Kirai band. Here is a short tutorial.

My Workspace – Miniatures Blog Carnival #3

It so happens that my recent move to a new flat has given me an excuse to rethink and reorganize my work space. Here I want to show you how it went and write some of my thoughts on what … Czytaj dalej

Zombie painting tutorial

Hi all. Holiday time is over so its time to get back to business. During last few weeks ive managed to get back to fantasy side of things and finally do some work on my Vampire Counts army. As you … Czytaj dalej

Painting Ork Skin

In this tutorial i would like to show you my way of painting the ork skin. Its goal is to get those massive mobs of boyz painted as fast as possible, but also to make them look good on the … Czytaj dalej