Zombicide: Black Plague


Did you ever think that games like Diablo would work really well for the tabletop? Yes im talking about monster hunting, hack n’ slashing, experience gaining and loot grabbing kind of game with cool looking characters and a grim setting. Add to that some dark humor and a lot of zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. Meet Zombicide: Black Plague

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Whats Up 2016-01-07


Riding on the wave of Star Wars excitement ive played my first x-wing game this week. It was great.

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Whats Up 2016-01-02


Welcome everybody in a brand new year. I hope you spent last week as good as i have.

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Star Wars Christmas Special


Star Wars! Yes, finally. Needless to say it dominated last week. Ive seen the movie, got excited again, looked for some models over the net, etc 😉 Czytaj dalej

Wats Up 2015-12-13


Again there was a lack of activity on my part. Sorry for that but end of the year is always a busy time. Czytaj dalej

Baal Predator

DSC01498Its long time overdue but its finally time for some short wip and some photos of the Baal Predator tank ive painted few months ago. Czytaj dalej

Whats Up 2015-11-18

20151111_123116Once again im a bit late with this update but soon it will change again for the better. To make up for it im going to post the promiset predator tutorial in a few days.

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Whats Up 2015-10-11


TAU are back in action. With new codex and local tournament around the corner i felt energy surge to get my blue guys out of the box and finish some of the stuff ive started previously.

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Whats Up 2015-11-03

12088341_1190057341010187_6080222237686848964_nSorry for missing last two updates but im having a hard time adjusting to living both in Brussels and Warsaw at the same time. Hopefully things will get better. For the moment just a few short points. Czytaj dalej

Lord of the Ice Garden – review


Few weekends ago ive managed to play my first game of „Lord of the Ice Garden”, strategic fantasy game based on a series of very popular books of polish author Jacek Grzędowicz. Here is a short review of this experience. Czytaj dalej