Legion Imperialis

I finally got to another project planed for this Year. Epic scale Legion Imperialis. Ive used to play a lot of previous editions of Epic, starting with the second. I really liked how the system focuses more on manuvers and strategic aspect. With release of new AdeptusTytanicus ive quickly jumped on board for the great new miniatures. Legion Imperialis surprised me a bit with this larger scale. None of my old epic stuff is really compatible with new miniatures. That was a bad thing, but then again new scale and details are much nicer. After some grumbling and cursing GW for its capitalistic ways ive gave up and bought 2 starter sets for LI.

When i write this i still havent played a single game yet so i may have no idea what im talking about. New system looks to me to be too focused on small details and be more like 40k (or 30k) with smaller miniatures than completely different type of game. Reading throught the rules it was dissapointing to me that there is so much focus on which model caries which weapon (there are even some pistols listed in few entries) instead of more generic firepower stat or something similiar. Morale is also something i find very dissapointing compared to old systems. Another thing are titans which are very pricy and limited. I guess someone decided that too many people got into Adeptus Titanicus and it would be unfair to allow them use their models in two systems, right? Cherry on a cake goes however to the true line of sight that some designer thought was fitting for an epic scale game. Seriously? So from reading the rules im not super excited about the system but it may change after i play few games. Worst case scenario is to use new minis for one of the older systems, which should not be a bad thing. Anyway miniatures are great and im happy to get back to smaller scale after all this years.

Right now im painting solar auxilia as both of my buddies are playing marines already. I will add some marines later too but im not yet sure which legion i want to do. For the moment im looking at Beta-Garmon setting and thinking of some fights around space ports. There is plenty of interesting terrain that can be printed for this so its very tempting. Im just starting this project so many things will probably change, especially after ill play some games.

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