Update – Aprill 2024

Ive been busy for the last few weeks with some technology updates in my hobby. 3d printing, laser cuting and new airbrush. Exciting stuff. Here is how it went.

First of all i got Neptun 4 pro printer thats using PLA plastic. Its not as good as resin printer but it still surpassed my expectations. Its really great for vehicles, terrain and other stuff like tokens or gadgets. More i dig into sites that host stl files the more im amazed how many things are available out there. Its definitelly something im going to explore more in the future. For now ive made some test models like this bust for example

Im planing to make some tokens and terrain. Ive already started with some fantasy/historical terrain im going to paint for old world soon.

Laser cutter is another handy device im exploring. Again its great for tokens and terrain made from hdf but also printing some simple images. Im planing to make some old world banners on leather or some other material. More on that soon.

Finally a new airbrush. I was planing to get new H&S evolution but one of my gaming pals talked me into geting less know and cheaper solution in form of Japanese Procon Boy WA Platinum 0.3. Name is weird but airbrash itself proved to be quite nice so far. Ive already planed to do some interesting projects with it soon.

Last but not least ive finally started with Epic scale Legion Imperialis. Im aiming to get small force done in couple of weeks to start playing it and then expanding on it as i get some experience with this system.

Ill try to make more regular updates now, especially that i have many projects runing in paralel now. Next stop is village terrain for Old World and some Quality of Life (cards, tokens etc) upgrade for this game to lower the book keeping which i feel is heavy there.

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