Whats up 06-10-2015


Sorry for late post but it was another busy week for me and also one not very rich in hobby activities, but still i had few things going.


First of all ive finaly gave predator to my friend who commisioned it. He was very happy with the results so it made me happy too 🙂 It still have to go to the final owner yet. Im working on the wip article and hope to post it next week.

After last game of Mx it occured to me that i need a cool looking deck of cards that would serve all my card game needs from Malifaux to poker and bridge. After some reserch i came to this place, selling in my opinion best steam punk decks on the planet 😉 I expect to receive my order next week. I bought cards from ebay, as post and package prices in the original shop were not flexible enough for my needs (postal costs to europe were almost twice as much as the cards themselves!)



Speaking about gaming aids ive remember that ive recently bought those nice set of stone dice. They are far from perfectly shaped so it makes them not really suitable for gaming but they can be used as cool looking markers for example and they were also rather cheap. Ive stumbled upon them by chance visiting some odd shop with hindu styled stuff.


Last but not least ive red through the rules for Lord of the high garden. They look complex but also have this right feeling when it comes to simulating the world from the novels. Im looking forward to playing first game with my friends within next few weeks. There are also few nice minis there, so maybe i will get some time to make them more colourfull before the game 🙂


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