Whats Up 28-09-2015


Last week was pretty intensive for me on the hobby side with finishing the predator, having finally a first game of Malifaux second edition and arrival of two very anticipated games on my doorstep.


On friday passed the deadline for finishing Baal Predator tank for my friends birthday. Ive tooks lot of photos during painting so expect a short tutorial about this project soon. Last time ive painted blood angels was few years ago when new space hulk was released. Of course i also paint a lot or red colour themed armies but for this one i wanted to do it a little bit differently. I hope you and especialy my buddy will like it.


On weekend i also had occasion and great pleasure to finally put my Kirai band for some Mx action. It was always a strange realtion with me and Malifaux as ive never been a big fan of the models and the setting but really liked the game mechanics. After few years departure from this system i have to say this game is still as strong as its been for me gameplay-wise and lately im even starting to like the miniatures and setting more and more. Ive played only a small skirmish against lilith band but it was very enjoyable and gave me taste for some more action. Even for a small game it was rather intense and ended up with a solid big league monster mash in the middle of the table. Having been able to summon and activate a Kirai twice in the same turn gave me a solid advantage but i think that incredible toughness of Izamu was what really delivered a victory in this game. That guy is a real monster especially with all the healing abilities of the Kirai band.


Last but not least ive finally got my package from Red Imp containing brand new board games based on two of my favourite polish fantasy series („Achaja” „Lord Of The Ice Garden”). I havent been able to play any of them yet but as soon as i do i will post some reviews. First impression however is very positive and they both look to be solid strategy games made for players who really like rivalry, intrigue and backstabing 😉



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