Painting Zombicide

As promised here is a short article about painting Zombicide stuff.


Ok, i was intending on writing a tutorial but I’ve realized someone already did a better job. Check this video on youtube. It really have a great and simple to use tips on painting huge masses of infantry models.

I’ve painted my zombies in a very similar fashion – base colors, then Agrax Earthshade from GW, then highlights using again base color or its lighter versions and then finally doing the edges and details. I need to try army painter wash at some point, but right now Im very happy with GW one and it doesn’t require mat varnish. As a personal touch i also added some 'blood for the blood god’ technical paint for blood effects. I really like how easy to use this paint is and how nice the final effect looks like. Perfect for brain hungry zombies or any other murderous monsters. I’ve tested most technical paints from GW and so far im really impressed with the effects. They are really helpful, especially for tabletop quality painting as you can quickly achieve very nice looking results.


One thing that i took from this tutorial that i normally don’t do too often are those hand painted bases. Its something easy to do, maybe a little time consuming but final effect looks very nice and is worth the effort in my opinion.


With heroes i took some extra time and a little bit different approach as they are models that should stand out most on the board. Same goes for Necromancer and the Abomination. Those two are in my eyes evil versions of player characters so should also stand out a bit as the main villains.


Here is a small tip on the black robes. I paint them with default black color from vallejo range and then do some highlights with Nato black from vallejo air range. Its a really interesting color as its a mat version of the black that when painted next to standard black color looks a bit brighter so works very well on robes an similar mat surfaces.


For heroes ive tried to stick to the color scheme shown on the box. Except for the purple pants dwarf which imho sucks a bit 😉 Least effort and enjoyment went into painting the elf but he turned out to be one of the most powerfull characters. Well, thats life.

Painting those minis is really fast and fun and I really can’t wait for the expansion sets.

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