The Offworlders

20190920_204724Stranded on one of the most dangerous worlds in the imperium. Group of space-faring smugglers look for profit and oportunities.

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Cult of the Great Burrower


Ive recently finished my first genestealer cult minis from Overkill game.

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Industrial Bases


Quick tutorial for painting industrial bases and similiar metal elements.

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Boba helmet 2

Its been quite a while since my last post. I didnt had much time that i could commit to blogging activities this couple of years and i still dont have it, but as you can see i havent shut the website down either.

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Zombicide – rest of Kickstarter arrived finally


It was a very long wait but finally i got rest of the Kickstarter stuff for Zombicide.

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Undead Legions – Kemmler

Kemler1The mighty Lichemaster have joined the ranks of my undead legions.

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Undead Legions – WIP

corpsecart1Its about time to start a new WIP article. Im painting a lot of undead reacently so new posts will hopefully be added regularly here, but also i want to show some of my older models with newer photos. To start things up here is my new Corps Cart model.

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Whats Up 2016-05-02


Yes i know, its been a while since ive posted anything. Too many other stuff on my mind so updating blog got a low priority. I was however still painting some stuff in the free time, mostly undead and here is a first of those models.

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Painting Zombicide


As promised here is a short article about painting Zombicide stuff.

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Whats Up 2016-03-15


Zombies, more zombies and some blood angels free-hand fun.

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