Throng of Barak Varr update

Monsters are tough. Monstrous infantry also, or maybe my cannons just cant do their job. Ive played another game, this time against the beastmen.

This time around i faced mostly monsters and monstrous infantry. In 2500 points there was a unit of minotaurs, dragon ogres, tuskgors, 2 units of normal infantry , Shaggoth and that beastmen giant. Those units are quite fast and pack quite a punch so its not easy to get back at them in combat with standard infantry. They are not very tough either but thats not a problem when there is noone left to strike back. With various spells and chaos buff their characters really get powerfull. Ive lost the battle but it was surprisingly even most of the time.

To be fair i didnt really get most out of my shooting units as ive mostly wasted both units of rangers. My cannons also failed most of the time again. There are howeve few new lessons out of this:

  • Tuskgors pack quite a punch on charge. Shoot them quickly
  • Two handed weapons are a way to go now. Especially for low strenght and low initiative guys like dwarfs
  • Warmachines are sooo random. Even dwarf-made
  • Characters and spells rule the day. They maybe not killing whole units like few editions ago but they do make the difference on that combat result score.

My army lacked elite punch. Or any punch for that matter. I already plan to take some longbeards with two-handed weapons. Hammerers look really good too with I3 S5 magical hammers that dont strike last. Those guys are my next buy.

I really want slayers to work but still cant find a place for them. Same for gyrocopters and stone thrower. Those last two would probably work better on bigger enemy units. They did worked good in previous game but this time didnt done a thing.

When it comes to painting i finished clansmen. Both new and old. I have 20 models from Highland and 35 original GW minis. Dudes from Highland are quite big.

As a separate unit they stand out but i tried to mixed them up with GW dwarfs and i think it works ok. Ive also upgraded some GW clansmen with Highland shields to make them blend in even more.

Differences shouldnt be visible on the table and they do add some nice variety to how this unit looks

Next ill be adding longbeards. Not sure when though as i need to take a break from painting dwarfs.

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