War in Rohan update

Attack on Rohan has begun. I played first scenario from the War in Rohan campaign. It was bloody and it was fun. Cant wait for more.

Ive painted some Dunlendings especially for this campaign. Wasnt really planing to get them when i started with Isengard but idea grew on me after reading those first scenarios. I had some extra spare vikings from my Saga army so it was not that hard to implement. I also found some nice model alternatives online and so the decision was made.

Having a force suitable for pillaging it was time to set Westfold on fire.

I like how the campaing represents the story from the books and beyond. Some of those battles were only mentioned in Lord of The Rings but also described in other books with more detail. I liked the idea to collect and paint my army along those events.

Burning of the Westfold scenario is, as you probably guessed, about burning. Rohan village is attack from all sides by angry Dunlendings who aim to set on fire as many buildings as they can. Rohan defenders on the other hand can fight them off, but also put those fires out.

First few turnes looked pretty bad for Rohan as most of the village was in flames. Brave defenders put quite a fight though and managed to fight off those savages and save enough houses in last few turns to secure victory.

In overall this game was great fun. Narrative scenarios can be sometimes random and not suited for compatitive play but they excel at immersion and fun. Next stop its the firs battle of Isen.

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