Throng of Barak Varr update

First battle is behind me. I must say im rather happy with new system. Smaller units, less destructive abilities and more focus on manuvering is a good change in my opinion. One game is of course not enough to get a full picture but it really got me interested again in the game.

Ive managed to test few things in my Dwarfs. So far its as ive expected. Rangers are solid harassment unit. Shooting without BS (cannons, templates) is better for Dwarfs than BS based shots. I had 3 bolthrowers and maybe hit two times during entire game. Yes i know its bad luck and statisticly i should get one hit every turn if i field 3 of them. Still it felt those points can go somewhere else. Lack of runes that increase to hit chance is really impacting this unit. Same feeling about gyrocopter guns other than the steam gun. Didnt had much luck with them too. Ill test them again at some point but for now i find other options more tempting.

Close combat works much better. Armored units got more powerfull and thats a good thing for some Dwarf units like ironbreakers. Not so much for those with less armour. I had high hopes for Slayers deathblow ability, which inflict damage on death, but again it was completely useless in this game. I have many things to test still. Im very curious about miners and Longbeards

So whats next for my Dwarfs? I created a list of what i want to paint and in what order:

  • 2 cannons and Grudgethrower (almost done)
  • unit of 20 clansment from Highland Miniatures
  • Runesmith
  • 35 clansmen (gw plastic)
  • 30 longbeards (Highland minis)
  • Characters
  • Refresh rangers a little bit
  • Gyrobomber again from highland
  • Banners for some units like miners and rangers
  • 40 slayers
  • Anvil of doom

Some of those will probably get reordered. First three items i want to done quickly but rest will get some work in free time between games but without any deadlines.

I also want to get coherent colour scheme this time araound. My old dwarfs were rather generic and i still use many warmachines that are painted in a way that i can reuse them in different armies. I do like my scheme on gyrocopter however and i think this is the way i will go

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