Painting Tyranids

Ive started with black undercoat followed by light white highlight by airbrush from the top. You can also do it with white undercoat is spray.

Model is mainly composed of two large areas – skin and scales/armour.
For skin ive started with ScaleColor Kalahari Orange followed by highlights with ScaleColor Pink Flesh and some vallejo game air Carne Flesh. You can use drybrushing to do this. 
After all the highlights done ive washed it with GW Reikland Flesh, thining it down for some areas. Finally ive again done some thin higlights with Carne Flesh and some mix of white and Carne Flesh on the edges.


For armour base color ive used ScaleColor Black Leather. I wanted the Scales to look more dirty and uneven. So i didnt want to make typical highlighting but instead used sponge to apply few different colors onto it in random fasion. Ive used some vallejo burned umber and P3 Sanguine base and also some grey colors mixed with ScaleColor Black Leather. After that comes most boring part of work – painting stripes on all scales. Ive used bone color mixed with just a bit of P3 Sanguine base and made stripes over all the armour parts, coming from edges. Dont go over entire plate, just a bit from the edge into the middle of the scale or so. Finally ive added some white into this and highlighted the edges.


Scythes were done with ScaleColor Black Leather as base and then highliths with Vallejo Mecha color Green Blue. Ive added more and more progresively to the mix and at the end added white to pure Green Blue. Finally ive done some edges with mostly white.


Thats about it. I never imagined i will paint Tyranids in such colors but it somehow came out naturally. I was going to do only the Trygon but now i think i will add some more creatures in the future. Maybe even start a small army at some point.

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