2024 Plans

Another year started so its time for some new hobby resolutions.

Last year was good for me when it comes to hobby activities. Ive got into few new systems like Middleearth and Horus Heresy and managed to play more games than two previous years combined.

With some of my gaming groups geting revigorated and more projects on the horison i decided its time to put it into some frames. Im dusting off this old blog together with instagram with aim to get all those projects properly planed and anounced. I hope it will motivate me to paint and play regularly and also get projects finished.

One year from now i would like to look back and see how all those plans really turned out.

So what exactly do i have in mind for 2024? First of all i want to finish my Isengard force for Lotr. Im currently painting some Dunlendings and planing to play through narrative scenarios from War in Rohan book. They look very fun to play and im always up for some narrative gaming but they also add some nice frames to collecting armies. Later during the year i would like to start a Mordor force too.

With arrival of Warhammer Old World im bringing back my Dwarfs back into shape. Most of them are painted but there are still few units and some bits here and there that could use a new paintjob. Rules are also changing a bit so who knows what stuff i would like to add to my very first army ive started all these years ago. Maybe my vampires will also get some games, depending how those pdf rules will turn out.

Geting back into good old whfb is something ive waited a long time for so i have many plans for new armies too. Orcs and Goblins for starters but also chaos and imperial forces. Time will tell which of this will get done first (if any).

Horus Heresy is a fun game and great setting so i will be getting back there too. My Sons of Horus are mostly done but im planing few reinforcements for them anyway. Also Mechanicum are giving me those cold metallic looks from their box. I really want to get them done this year as its one of those armies ive planed to paint for a long time now.

Speaking of Heresy im also looking at Legion Imperialis. It all depends how popular and active it will be in my local group but im very much into a comeback to the Epic scale.

Last but not least Necromunda is also waiting its turn for a great return. For the moment however Kill Team reigns the tables. Then again sooner or later im sure it will regain its place in hearts of my friends and when it does there are plenty of things i would like to do for it.

With all of the above and possibly some other stuff aswell its looking to be a very nice year for the hobby. Im not going to make a solid plan at this moment, more like a rough draft. I want to remain flexible as i cannot say what i will prefer to paint and play few months from now. First it will be Lotr and then the Dwarfs, but after that it all depends what ill be in mood for.
Im really curious how much of those plans will get done one year from now. I want to make regular updates so hopefully we can all see how it will turn out.

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