Undead Legions – WIP

corpsecart1Its about time to start a new WIP article. Im painting a lot of undead reacently so new posts will hopefully be added regularly here, but also i want to show some of my older models with newer photos. To start things up here is my new Corps Cart model.

Corpse cart was present in almost all of my fantasy games so far but i just couldnt bring myself to paint it until now, but finally ive did it. Unfortunatelly after recent game i might consider leaving him on the shelve for some time 🙂 It looks like something that goes well with hard hitting infantry or monstrous infantry units like Grave guards for example but for the moment im not using any of those.

corpsecart1 corpsecart3 corpsecart2More models soon to follow as im still riding on the zombicide black plague wave and painting lot of undead stuff 🙂

The mighty Lichemaster have also joined the ranks of my undead legions.

In my opinion this is one of those most characterfull and defining villains of the Old World. Maybe its because he is here for a long time now, having even his own rpg campaign.


He is quite usefull in game, although with a high points cost i think its better to take him only in bigger games of 2000 or above.


I will probably include Krell too at some point as they work nicely with each other.

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