City Sector Phase 1 – update 29-01-2014

Over the weekend ive managed to add some details to the building interriors.

Ive wanted to add some credibility to the model interiors so ive looked for possible details that could improve it but also not affect negatively the playability of this building. Ive concentrated mostly on the balcony and the room connected to it. It should create a feeling that some important administrators were use it as an office, so first thing that came to mind was to add typical office trapings like desks, books etc. Ive managed to find some very cheap models on some auctions. They will fit there very well as they can be placed along the walls so will not limit the playing surface.

Another thing was to add some debries to the balcony. Since its a ruined building then most probably the window doors will be gone, but at least some broken glass should be left in place. For this ive bought a transparent plastic sheet from my local hobby store and cut some of it to pieces. For the door frames ive used thin plastic rod painted brown.

Thats it for now, what do you think?
I plan to add some more minor details but most of the building is almost finished, i will post some photos of the whole model soon.


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