Industrial Bases

Quick tutorial for painting industrial bases and similiar metal elements.


Start with base layer of tin bitz or similiar dark bronze metalic paint


Apply Reikland Flesh wash all over the bases


Now is the tricky part. Ive used here bestial brown (middle tone brown color) and some turquise paint. Ive applied them by brush but you can also try sponge for good effect. Water it down and paint it unevenly over flat surfaces (so avoid recesses) and dont be affraid to mix those 2 colors with each other during this step.


Now add some watred down orange to the mix. Again apply it with sponge or brush but just tiny bit. If its watered down properly then you would be able to cover surface with a thin film-like layer that will add some yellowish tone to colors undearneath it


Final step is to drybrush lithgthly whole thing with some silver color. Idea is to pick out edges and some small details but also to make entire base look more metallic.


Thats it. Hope you like it.

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