Whats Up 2016-01-02


Welcome everybody in a brand new year. I hope you spent last week as good as i have.

It was a very lazy week as i didnt played much, but at least had some time to get myself more familiar with Zombicide. Looks like a very nice, straight to the point, zombie killing dungeon crawler. You have a team of 6 or more characters split between as many players as you want. You all fight against the game as you explore maps composed of two-sided tiles. Each scenario contains a different map and a set of objectives. Usually its about killing something, finding something and surviving. As you explore, more and more zombies come out, zombie spawn points appear and also some more powerful monsters and villians come against you. Your team of cours gahters experience and magical items as in any other hack and slash style, pseudo RPG.

Ive started painting the basic team of six models. So far im trying to stick to the basic colour scheme and get them finished asap so i can try the game for the first time.

20151230_095903 20151230_095942 20151230_095949

Models are well detailed but unfortunatelly not that well cast, mostly because of the material from which they are made. They still look good for gaming but not so much for display. You can expect some bended swords and miscasted smaller details. For the core game thats ok, but during the kickstarter a lot of additional premium models based on some famous artists artwork were introduced and i worry that they will not live up to the expectancies. I will know in 2-3 months when rest of the Kickstarter stuff will get delivered.

Happy New Year to all of you!

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