Catachans patrol – WIP

20140504_122640Ive decided to take a break from Imperial Knights until the new edition and instead focus on something i wanted to do for some time now. Considering that new IG codex is still fresh and i need an army for the combat patrol tournament at the end of may its a great oportunity to get my Catachans out of the boxes and finally do something about them. Im going for a patrol style of army that will be just a part of my Imperial forces. A single platoon with some additional, highly mobile units that will act as scouts for the rest of the force. With that in mind ive decided to give new Tauroxes a chance after all. I really disliked the models at the begining but at some point ive started to se some possibilities here and there. Swithing tracks to wheels is obvious but i also want to remove some of the baroque details and add some subtle things that may add some character and bring them more inline with the old IG style.

20140504_105716 20140504_105725

For wheels ive used Kromlech parts. I wasent sure if they will not be to big but they seem to be perfectly matched. Im still trying to figure out what height i want the chasis to sit on. I think i will go for the higher one.

20140504_105808Ive also  started work on the grunts. Here is a wip photo. Im painting around 40 of them on the single go and i aim for the table top look so nothing fancy. I will spend more time with specialist troops and command squads using the same colour scheme.



20140506_205455Ive done some more work on the Taurox. Ive fixed the wheels and started painting the interiors.

After some deliberations ive decided to stick with the 4 wheels variant instead 4+2 or rear tracks + 2 variants. It will be optimal solution considering time and effort needed. Ive just put the chasis a bit higher to give the model a more „bigfoot, all terrain vechicle” look.

20140506_201304 20140506_205249 20140506_205311 20140506_205410 20140506_205536Ive also started painting the interiors

20140508_004938 20140508_004950


20140530_095212Work on Tauroxes slowed down for the moment as im trying to figure out what kind of camo i want to paint on them. So meanwhile i got a bit sidetracked and painted this smart looking fellow.

I plan to use him as a autocannon armed Heavy Weapon Team that will be attached to platoon command squad.

This model comes from Werewolf miniatures range. They mostly do Ogres for both fantasy and sci fi. I really liked this model as it suited perfectly the concept of my army. It has a lot of interesting, well thought details. My only concern is about the quality of sculpt and casting, especially for this kind of price. Also i had to replace the autocannon barrel as the original one was bended too much. But it was an easy switch and now the gun looks a bit longer and more solid.

20140530_095202 20140530_095221 20140530_095246 20140530_095302

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