Imperial Knights WIP – update 11-04-2014


Ive started work on the 3rd titan. Im going for the „less is more” approach and aim to only adjust the knee joint on one of the legs

Idea is that the left leg will be standing on a wreck of an ork trakk, smashing it into the ground. It should diferentiate the pose enough from the default one and make a nice addition to the base of a knight which i want to make as the group leader.

 20140410_233038 20140410_233116

I was trying to avoid making changes to the right leg, adjusting only the left one. For now it looks that change to the knee joint and „toes” should be sufficient. Here is how it looks after re-cuting. 


Right foot will need to stand on some elevation but everything else should fit fine. 

 Ive found the Trakk in my bits box and done some damage on it with tweezers. I need to add some more details and fill the empty spaces under the tracks.

20140410_232808 20140410_232819 20140410_232842 20140410_232945 20140410_234137

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