Catachans patrol – WIP – update 30-05-2014

20140530_095212Work on Tauroxes slowed down for the moment as im trying to figure out what kind of camo i want to paint on them. So meanwhile i got a bit sidetracked and painted this smart looking fellow.


I plan to use him as a autocannon armed Heavy Weapon Team that will be attached to platoon command squad.

This model comes from Werewolf miniatures range. They mostly do Ogres for both fantasy and sci fi. I really liked this model as it suited perfectly the concept of my army. It has a lot of interesting, well thought details. My only concern is about the quality of sculpt and casting, especially for this kind of price. Also i had to replace the autocannon barrel as the original one was bended too much. But it was an easy switch and now the gun looks a bit longer and more solid.


20140530_095202 20140530_095221 20140530_095246 20140530_095302

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