Chaos Wastelands/ Daemon World table

zdzislaw-beksiski-obrazAfter another long absence I’m back with unusual project. New gaming table inspired by one of my favourite polish artists Zdzisław Beksiński. After moving to my new flat I’ve come to an unavoidable point for every war gamer, that is organising a new gaming area. As its usually the case the main challenge is to store everything in as small area as possible, that’s why I’ve choose GW „Realm of Battle” table.

My initial idea was to make it green grass/lower mountain terrain which is a default choice for most and I’ve already had a lot of forest type terrains. However I felt this was a lazy choice and i had this urge to make something unusual, and then my girlfriend suggested why wont i do something similar to the landscape I have on one of the paintings hanging in my living room. Thus the idea behind chaos wastes/ demon world table was born.

Those of you who don’t know Zdzisław Beksiński’s work I really encourage to check his paintings on the net. There is a lot of inspiration to be found in them. The one I’ve picked have really nice colour scheme, and that’s what I wanted to focus on during the first stage.

I’ve started gathering materials by raiding my local DIY store, which already felt like home after visiting it regularly over the last year of finishing my house. I’ve picked some brown and red matt sprays. I needed some other colours but I needed to visit some stores for artists to get them.

20141025_202935Since Base colour needs to be more solid I’ve picked some darker yellow colour in tube to be applied with a brush. Its more time consuming but honestly as a base colour I think its a more efficient and less expensive option than spray can. Sprays will be applied later on for highlights and to make brush painted surface looked smoother. So in the end I’ve also picked some orange, ochre and ivory sprays for those final highlights.

The overall look was suppose to be a desert that have strong orange-red undertones so having that in mind I’ve started with brown and red base coating. Then I’ve painted the entire area outside the rocks and hilltops with dark yellow.

20141023_093959 20141023_094012

All the areas that looked too dark or showed brushwork were then sprayed with yellow and orange colours. I’ve wanted orange to be especially strong as a middle tone between red and yellow so I’ve used it over all areas that required some shading and around all of the tiles so in the end whenever two tiles connect it would be through the orange area. I’ve used orange and yellow spray in multiple layers, trying to avoid patterns or anything that would prevent switching and rotating the tiles freely.

20141025_202733 20141025_202744 20141025_202812

All exposed rocks and hilltops were painted red with hilltops being additionally treated with ivory giving them some organic feel. To make it more bizarre and similar to the painting I’ve lightly airbrushes some dark turquoise colour followed by some brush made lines to imitate veins. I’ve also used airbrush for some final details, skull pits and overall highlights.

Table would not be complete without some terrain made in similar theme. For now I’ve made some rocky pillars but have plans for some other terrain to be added later. I’ve painted them in a similar manner as the rest of the table trying to keep lighter colours near the base and darker at the top. As finishing touches I’ve added some imitation of bushes. Such details helps to break the monotony and add character to the piece.

20141030_202613 20141031_092227 20141101_135211

This is how the final effect looks like. I’ve had moments of doubt but in the end I think I’ve made an unique gaming table that will be enjoyable to play on and will provide inspiration for some crazy terrain pieces.

20141106_011838 20141106_011847 20141106_011938 20141106_012212 20141107_225216

I plan to test it soon and put some photos so stay tuned.




As promised here are some photos of my finished table with some extra terrain added. 20150404_121057 20150404_121108 20150404_121116

I just need some more ruins and forest type terrain for some extra cover. In the future i would also like to add some industrial „excavation site” styled terrain.

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