City Sector – Phase I – update 05-03-2014


Here goes the last of the industrial buildings. It was done in the same style as the previous two.

20140224_142853 20140224_142922 20140224_142930 20140224_142953 20140224_143001 20140224_143030

Honestly im not sure what scale those sets where intended for but definitelly not 28mm when you look at the size of the doors and height at which the window is starting. Its more suitable for Inquisitor games.

With this one done ive managed to finish off those buldings that ive had constructed for some time now. So how my grand plan is progressing?

    • Finish up large administration building (composed of two sections 12″x18″ each)
    • Finish up 3 industrial buildings (12″x12″ each)
    • Make table top surface suitable for city terrain
    • Finish up a plaza with large statue
    • Finish low ruins with a chimera wreck
    • Create a set of barricades and debries
    • Do some cool photos and play a game on the finished table!

First two points done, next one is a big one – designing and creating a gaming surface for the whole city. Ive planed to done it by hand but now i have something better in mind. More about this soon, but right now i think i need to take a short brake from terrain as some other project is awaiting its turn 😉


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