Imperial Knights WIP


Its Knight time. Yes, the latest 40k fever finally get to me and ive started new project to build a datachment of 3 knights for my imperial armies.

Its still an early progres, in the end i want to complete 3 knights, the problem however is that out of the box poses are very similiar and its hard to change them with just gluing the parts differently. So the model had to go through the surgery table.

20140323_202652 20140327_235000

Ive started with a knight thats going to mirror the original pose extending the right leg to front and moving the left to back. Unfortunatelly all axis and pistons are immovable so it cant be done without some adjustments, so ive cut off the legs at the knee joints to readjust the arcs. Pistons are more problematic since it harder to properlz asses how long the rod needs to be before placing it on the model and thats only possible after the parts are at least partially glued together.

20140328_094943 20140328_095046

For the next knight im considering to drill the holes large enough for those rods to fit in. This will look much cleaner and would not require finishing with greenstuff. Its still problematic becuse those rods will need to be placed at a slightly different angles.


Ive also thought that with the model on such large base there will be a lot of problems with moving it around on dense terrain, so i ve decided to make the base detachable using magnets. It will allow to place it directly in woods or ruins if the need arises.



I usually place magnets with greenstuff wrapping it over them. To make magnets as near the surface of the GS blob but still embeded within i place a second magnet on it and a piece of cardboard between so it will be easy to remove after gs will dry.


Thats it for now, but im still preparing more so expect some updates soon 😉


Ive finished reposing the first knight. After reconsideration ive decided that previous version didnt looked as good as i wanted it to look so i went for the drilling option. Its not much more work if you have the right tools and the effect is much more satisfying.

20140404_13033320140402_175115 20140402_175204 It needs a bit of precision as the parts im drilling holes in are not much bigger than the drill so its very easy to destroy them if you will not take care.

20140403_224118 20140403_224128 20140403_224135 20140403_224111

For the second knight i plan to make him stand on top of something but i didnt decide whether it be an ork trukk or chaos hel brutt from Dark Vengence.


Ive started work on the 3rd titan. Im going for the „less is more” approach and aim to only adjust the knee joint on one of the legs 

Idea is that the left leg will be standing on a wreck of an ork trakk, smashing it into the ground. It should diferentiate the pose enough from the default one and make a nice addition to the base of a knight which i want to make as the group leader.

20140410_233038 20140410_233116

I was trying to avoid making changes to the right leg, adjusting only the left one. For now it looks that change to the knee joint and „toes” should be sufficient. Here is how it looks after re-cuting.


Right foot will need to stand on some elevation but everything else should fit fine.

Ive found the Trakk in my bits box and done some damage on it with tweezers. I need to add some more details and fill the empty spaces under the tracks.

20140410_232808 20140410_232819 20140410_232842 20140410_232945 20140410_234137


Finally i have some update on my knights. They are almost done with „only” iconography and bases left 😉

Here are some photos of assembled knigths. This colour scheme is very unusuall for me but i wanted to paint something completelly new with such centerpiece models.

20150406_160157 20150406_160222 20150406_160244 20150406_160314

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