Imperial Knights WIP – update 04-04-2014


Ive finished reposing the first knight.

After reconsideration ive decided that previous version didnt looked as good as i wanted it to look so i went for the drilling option. Its not much more work if you have the right tools and the effect is much more satisfying.

20140404_13033320140402_175115 20140402_175204 It needs a bit of precision as the parts im drilling holes in are not much bigger than the drill so its very easy to destroy them if you will not take care.

20140403_224118 20140403_224128 20140403_224135 20140403_224111

For the second knight i plan to make him stand on top of something but i didnt decide whether it be an ork trukk or chaos hel brutt from Dark Vengence.


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