Khorne Daemonkin – WIP


I will soon participate in another small, friendly tournament with my buddies from Międzylesie so of course im preparing some new units to be ready for the event. This time im going for the Khorne flavoured chaos.

I was very happy when new Khorne codex arrived. This was always my favourite chaos faction, ive already had both chaos marines and deamons alligned with this specific god but there was always a feeling that such allied army is not working as it should. With new codex ive worried at the start that its just a quick patchwork to deliver new bloodthirster rules to 40k but after first few games i must say i enjoy it much more than normal chaos marines or daemons codex. It pushes you to play agresively and rewards you for doing so. Core mechanic of earning blood points for any unit, including yours, killed sits very well with what i think playing khorne army should feel like. It may not be the strongest codex out there, but definitelly is enjoyable.

So with new tournament at hand ive prepared a short list of units that i need to finish. Its not long because tournament itself is combat patrol sized with 666p per side. Here is a short list:

– Khorne Herald
– Forge Fiend
– Blood Crushers
– 2 units of Cultists
– unit of Blood letters

As i said it’s a short list and some of this stuff is not even going to the main army rooster but may come up during games thanks to the blood tithe system. Here are some photos of Blood crushers. I wanted to break away from „all red” style and also made blood letters a bit more eye catching with white faces. I think this way they are a bit more intimidating 🙂

20150624_140355 20150624_140424 20150624_140508 20150624_140708

Soon i will post photos of Herald and cultists and write some more about my army list and future plans.

UPDATE 20-07-2015



I didn’t find time for an update before the tournament but ive manged to paint one more thing before the deadline. Here is my Herald of Khorne.

Ive taken him as the army general since it was just a small 666p skirmish. Ive painted it with aero and then finished with standard brush. Im quite happy with how the color scheme went and im even thinking of repainting my juggernauts to replace black armour with brass. But thats something for the future, meanwhile i want to expand my khornate army by finishing cultists and adding flesh hounds.

As for the tournament ive managed to won it 🙂 Ive secured first place together with my friend who played tyranids. It was a lot of fun and required some careful thinking to get the combos right and tap into this army potential.

My army consisted of 1 unit of cultists, 1 herald, 1 unit of five possesed in rhino, 2 units of bloodletters and a forgefiend with ekto plasms. It was all organised into slaughter cult and blood host allowing me to keep feel no pain through most of the turns and summoning blood crushers in each battle. It requires a bit of carefull playing through first turns but then allows you to play agrresively in the second half of the battle getting into a lot of bloody close combats. Ive played 4 battles against Necrons, Grey Knights, Eldar and Space Wolfs and only Eldar gave me a solid beating through superior firepower before i was able to gather enough blood tithe points. Ive said it before but im really happy with how this army is working. Allowed me for some of the most enjoyable games this edition. Looking forward to further expanding this army.
And here are some more photos of the Herald.

20150718_154723 20150718_154732 20150718_154759 20150718_154811

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