Valhallans WIP


Im upgrading my Imperial Guard for some allied 7th ed. action. Upgrading is the right word as i just want to finish up or slightly repaint some of my older guard stuff which ive painted long time ago. Its interesting to compare how my skills evolved and what techniques im currently using. First in line were my tanks, which previously were painted purely by the brush. This time ive used airbrush, some weathering etc. I will work some more on them by adding more details and iconography but i also want to keep it as a very quick project with minimum effort.

Here are some photos with comparision to the old tanks. Its all still WIP. Those turrets on Russes are produced by Kromlech. Quite nice if you dont have new sets and just want to upgrade your very old leman russes like i did 😉

20150410_113455 20150522_174602 20150522_174620 20150522_174634

Next is my Valhallan infantry platoon.

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