Malifaux – Kirai band

20150819_183240Malifaux became very popular lately. Since many of my friends got on board ive thought it is a good idea to also revisit this system. This time with a unique band of japaneese ghosts. Meet Kirai and her asian horror stories gang.

Its my second take on Mx. Ive really liked the game as for me mechanics are very original and enjoyable. Using cards instead of dice is a nice touch. I wasnt very convinced about the models though, especialy those from second edition. Yes they are high quality and all that, but for me the design is rather boring. There are some eye catching models but overrally not much to remember. Or maybe its because im not into this victorian-western-steam punk thing 🙂 Anyway, Kirai and Ten Thunder faction models are only thigs so far that are convincing for me and as ive mentioned i do like the system so the choice was quite obvious. Here is my band so far.

20150819_182722 20150819_182807 20150819_182819 20150819_182947 20150819_183010 20150819_183037 20150819_183112 20150819_183240 20150819_183316

Im still working on some more models for this band but probably i will get some games first with those guys (yes i havent played yet. So little time 🙂 ).

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