Swamp Bases

Someone asked me how ive made those swamp bases for my Kirai band. Here is a short tutorial.


Its really quite simple and fast technique which involves only few simple steps:

  1. Preparation – if you want anything more than just water areas on those bases this is a good moment to add some earth. By this i mean gluing some sand in places where solid ground is suppose to be.20150823_125750
  2. Painting – Here is the tricky part as it involves airbrush. Ive painted all water areas with dark green color using normal brush and then added some bright, lighter green over it to create those glow/misty effects. In my opinion this is the most important step as its most eye catching so if done wrong it can ruin the entire effect. Its best not to over do it.20150819_183316
    Earth was painted with lightly liquified yellow-brown colour (old bubonic brown), drybrushed with light bone color and finally washed over with strongly liquified black.


  3. Adding grass, leafes etc. Now was a good time to add some plants and other organic elements of the scenery. Some of them can be partially placed in water areas.20150823_125939
  4. When all the paint and glue have dried ive covered all water areas with vallejo water effect. Its good to add some extra volume as it will shrink a bit during drying. Some parts of ground and plants can also be immersed in the water.20150821_185949
  5. Finally ive repainted base edges with black and then covered them with satin varnish to give them a little shine. In my opinion it looks good, especially with this kind of bases that have rounded edges.

Thats it. A simple way to make some swamp bases that will look good on the tabletop.

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