Whats up

20150902_181513Lately im even more busy than usual so finding time for hobby, not to mention writing something coherent for this blog is getting harder and harder every day. One of the key strategies for successfull time managment is doing stuff on regular basis, and so ive got an idea to have a new weekly section with short description what im currently focusing on hobby wise so.

I really would like to keep it weekly, usually around weekends/mondays, hopefully i will manage to keep it up this way. Anyway here is something for the start.

After finishing Kirai band for Malifaux (and still havent played a single game, sigh) ive got back to my Khorne Deamonkin army. Right now im working on my soulgrinder, which is inspired by this very cool graphic by Adrian Smith (picture above). Ive really liked it a lot and wanted to paint this model for years now but it never been of high priority. I will post some better photos after i finish it. Also my fleshhounds are finally ready for painting so they are waiting their turn. It may not come quickly however as ive just got a commision for a model that needs to be finished before my friends birthday this month 😉

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