Whats Up 2015-11-03

12088341_1190057341010187_6080222237686848964_nSorry for missing last two updates but im having a hard time adjusting to living both in Brussels and Warsaw at the same time. Hopefully things will get better. For the moment just a few short points.

Ive played Lord of the ice garden recently and even written a short review here.

GW is rolling out a Horus Heresy board game. Interesting point for me was that i wasnt excited with it at all. Even one year ago i think it would get to me, bypassing my brain and directly into my wallet but right now i think my engagement in this series have past. Still i will get one box to be on the safe side 😉 Im also starting to looks intensively at infinity again.

Not to be completely anti-gw im working again on some of my Tau stuff for a local tournament. I really wanted to finish them someday and the new codex might just be the right incentive.

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