Whats Up 2015-10-11


TAU are back in action. With new codex and local tournament around the corner i felt energy surge to get my blue guys out of the box and finish some of the stuff ive started previously.

Ive prepared a small 1000 points list for a local pair tournament on which i will be cooperating with an eldar player. My aim for this one was to get as many suits as i can in order to finally get them painted 🙂 One of the main focus points for this army will obviously be riptide. I wanted to finally get this model done so i picked up my airbrush and got to work

20151110_002438 20151110_002452 20151110_002442

Broadsides would also be nice to have so i pick those guys up as well but probably wont be able to finish them on time.


Thats mostly it. I will get some photos during the event and tell you how it went.

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