Whats Up 2015-11-18

20151111_123116Once again im a bit late with this update but soon it will change again for the better. To make up for it im going to post the promiset predator tutorial in a few days.

Last wednesday i took my Tau to a pair turnament. It was lot of fun as usual. Together with my eldar collegue we secured a second place. Once again i would like to thank the organiser for this event. It was great fun as usual.

20151111_123129 20151111_123142 20151111_125817 20151111_153907 20151111_153913 20151111_153927 20151111_163616Those local tournaments brought us lot of fun during last few years but we have a feeling that their formula is slowly weakening. Playing all day long is something that many of us have more and more problems to find time for. Kids, wifes and other obligations are really wrecking havock on our previously managable schedules and besides those unfrequent bursts of hobby activity separated by periods of passiveness are not good for being up to date with game rules and sometimes demotivates for participating in other parts of this hobby (like painting) as well. In order to adress it there is an initiative to throw a longer, open campaign. time will tell if its would be a good solution.

With me still in Belgium not much other things happened. Except for a great house party on which we played cards against humanity, a great game i encurage you to pick up if you are open minded enough 😉


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