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Painting Tyranids

Ive painted my first Tyranid model in years. Here is the colour scheme ive used.

Munitorum Tape Mesure – painted

Servo Skull measure tape with LASERS! Thats right. Ive finally customised and painted those old things.

The Offworlders

Stranded on one of the most dangerous worlds in the imperium. Group of space-faring smugglers look for profit and oportunities.

Cult of the Great Burrower

Ive recently finished my first genestealer cult minis from Overkill game.


Its been quite a while since my last post. I didnt had much time that i could commit to blogging activities this couple of years and i still dont have it, but as you can see i havent shut the … Czytaj dalej

Undead Legions – WIP

Its about time to start a new WIP article. Im painting a lot of undead reacently so new posts will hopefully be added regularly here, but also i want to show some of my older models with newer photos. To … Czytaj dalej

Baal Predator

Its long time overdue but its finally time for some short wip and some photos of the Baal Predator tank ive painted few months ago.

Malifaux – Kirai band

Malifaux became very popular lately. Since many of my friends got on board ive thought it is a good idea to also revisit this system. This time with a unique band of japaneese ghosts. Meet Kirai and her asian horror … Czytaj dalej

Khorne Daemonkin – WIP

I will soon participate in another small, friendly tournament with my buddies from Międzylesie so of course im preparing some new units to be ready for the event. This time im going for the Khorne flavoured chaos.

Valhallans WIP

Im upgrading my Imperial Guard for some allied 7th ed. action.