Whats Up 28-09-2015


Last week was pretty intensive for me on the hobby side with finishing the predator, having finally a first game of Malifaux second edition and arrival of two very anticipated games on my doorstep.

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Whats up 20-09-2015

20150920_190916Another week went by. As promised here is a sneak peek of a commision project which i’ve mentiond in previous post.

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Whats up 14-09-2015


As promised here is another short update about my hobby activities. Today i will write about few things not necessarily connected with miniatures but rather other aspects of gaming and also some other stuff i like :)
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Whats up

20150902_181513Lately im even more busy than usual so finding time for hobby, not to mention writing something coherent for this blog is getting harder and harder every day. One of the key strategies for successfull time managment is doing stuff on regular basis, and so ive got an idea to have a new weekly section with short description what im currently focusing on hobby wise so. Czytaj dalej

Swamp Bases


Someone asked me how ive made those swamp bases for my Kirai band. Here is a short tutorial. Czytaj dalej

Malifaux – Kirai band

20150819_183240Malifaux became very popular lately. Since many of my friends got on board ive thought it is a good idea to also revisit this system. This time with a unique band of japaneese ghosts. Meet Kirai and her asian horror stories gang.

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Star Wars Monopoly

20150803_181031Today something little different. A review of a very casual game but with an unusual theme.

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Khorne Daemonkin – WIP – 20-07-2015


I didn’t find time for an update before the tournament but ive manged to paint one more thing before the deadline. Here is my Herald of Khorne.

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Khorne Daemonkin – WIP


I will soon participate in another small, friendly tournament with my buddies from Międzylesie so of course im preparing some new units to be ready for the event. This time im going for the Khorne flavoured chaos. Czytaj dalej

Valhallans WIP


Im upgrading my Imperial Guard for some allied 7th ed. action. Czytaj dalej